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Author Topic: Hyderabad Liberation Struggle  (Read 4455 times)
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« on: April 08, 2010, 10:13:23 AM »

The expansionist and acquisitive nature of the Rayalseema people has been ripped open for all to see. After receiving a slap in the face response to their proposed merger with Telangana state to form the Greater Rayalseema state, they have come up with an even grandiose plan for the state of Greater Rayalseema. Rayalaseema Rashtra Samithi party president Kuncham Venkata Subba Reddy has in his representation to the bogus Srikrishna Commission, demanded formation of Greater Rayalaseema State with 10 districts, comprising of the existing districts of Kadapa, Kurnool, Chittoor and Anantapur, and additional 2 districts of Prakasam and Nellore from Andhra, Vellore and Krishnagiri from Tamil Nadu and Bellary and Raichur from Karnataka. Kadapa is to be the capital and Tirupati the second capital. Apart from annexing 6 districts from neighboring states, he also demanded a special package of Rs. 2 lakh crore for the development of Greater Rayalseema, a High Court Bench in Kadapa. And finally the malicious demand that Hyderabad be made a Union Territory if Telangana is granted statehood.
This malicious demand of the Seemandhra people that Hyderabad be made a Union Territory if Telangana is granted statehood is akin to the thwarted suitor who throws acid on the face of his beloved, for spurning his attentions. The Government at the center should realize this for what it is, an outward manifestation of a sick and destructive psyche. The demand that Hyderabad be delinked from its thousand year old history of Telangana is laughable, but the voices propagating it are so stringent and powerful that we the people of Telangana have to thwart it now and forever.
From now onwards, let Telangana be called the Hyderabad state, it was Hyderabad for 400 years and will remain so for the next 4000 years. We need to brand Hyderabad as Telangana and Telangana as Hyderabad, this will happen only if we start rebranding our movement for the statehood of Telangana as the Statehood of Hyderabad. For us the people of Hyderabad, it will not matter whether the state is called Telangana or Hyderabad, but making each synonymous with the other will create an unbilical link, which even the most powerful lobby cannot break.
Let us from this day replace the word Telangana with Hyderabad, and carry forward our struggle for statehood under the banner of Hyderabad Liberation Struggle. I will start off with saying Jai Hyderabad, instead of Jai Telangana and hope the 3.5 crore people of Hyderabad, follow this and thwart the move of the Seemandhra people to separate the soul from the body.
Jai Hyderabad. Jai Hind
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« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2010, 08:40:20 AM »

This rayalaseema people never be a hurtful towords telangana…. but they are made of rock-full  hard as rocks …

These people are trying to create some image on Hyderabad …to capture Hyderabad with some means…

Yesterday mr Y.S Vivekananda reddy told openly said that if telangana state is formed the rayalaseema had to ask water from the telangana state as karnataka "        …..the water distribution is made by central govt…what is the pain to this rayalaseema people….

This rayalaseema people had always psycho minds in there statements too …as Dr .Y.S raja shaker X. cm of Andhra Pradesh before the elections of telangana he said ..i am not vertical or horizontal to the telangana issue ….and ended up …but after completing first round ....Before Andhra elections  he stated….if the telangana state formed we Andhra have to go Hyderabad with visa….  this worst statements from the rayalseema.....using all falthu things in elections arising differences

 unfortunately Y.S  ,CM has expired…..even then this  falthu rayalaseema ministers cant understand that  ….no body cant stop the formation of the state telangana……

if the greater rayalseema is formed more then rayalseema telangana people will be happy....what is great to say in rayalseema grater ....if artificial they are creating greater word.... we dont have any objection with the name or words or place or region of rayalasema ...they have their own liberty on the region can telangana can comment on rayalaseema

..let them have own state  rayalseema they have there won name..even if the rayalseema gone to madras also no problem..or in Bangalore.....we don't bother about rayalseema.but if they try to stop we don't accept .....people of rayalseema will face riots in Hyderabad....let the ministers of         rayalaseema  know the facts and talk about....telangana.

today all parties are playing games with telangana…if the political leaders still play the game …the students will declare the war directly on the business of Andhra in Hyderabad…no one  cant able to business for  single day in Hyderabad…the govt employers will not work after report of sri Krishna committee….no school will be opened…..let the city go on fire …or any riots …we will see the end of Andhra if they try to stop telangana formation….we will close all the corporate and including factories and transportation no ….no transportation to Andra  total ways will be closed that is the final statement from telangana …if the situation arise….total Andhra fellows have to go to Andhra permanently……we will force the bill should be accepted in the parliament other wise we will burn total Hyderabad assembly and govt office.then only this govt will realize the reason of telangana.

Once thee bill is passed no body can stop the telangana formation……even if the Andhra ministers try to stay in assembly we will through them in tank band…..

Hyderabad is the state of telangana people.......... no Andhra have right on telangana …we will not allow any body to dominate on our regions …including central ministers ….
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