OFBJP (USA) and TDF felicitated BJP leaders from Andhra Pradesh

Overseas Friends of BJP - USA (OFBJP) and Telangana Development Forum (TDF) have organized a public meeting on 6th July '08 at Ramada Inn in New Brunswick, New Jersey for the visiting BJP leaders from Andhra Pradesh (AP) who have earlier attended the American Telugu Association (ATA) Conference.

The invited BJP leaders were: Shri N. Indrasena Reddy, BJP National Secretary, Shri Bandaru Dattatreya, BJP State President, Smt. Vanam Jhansirani, BJP State Vice-President, Dr. T. Rajeshwar Rao, BJP official spokesperson, Shri Vannala Sreeramulu, National Weaver Cell Convener, and Shri Ram Kumar, NRI Cell state convener

The prominent participants from OFBJP (USA) were: Dr. Adapa V. Prasad - Vice President, Sri Sanjay Jain - Vice President, Shri Madhu Upadhaya - Treasurer, Shri R. P. Singh - Jt. General Secretary, Shri Sureh Jani - National Council Member and convenor of Gujarati Conference, Shri Jayesh Patel - National Council Member and Former President of FIA, Dr Sudhakar Reddy - National Council Member, Shri Ramkrishna Reddy Anugula - Telangana Cell Chairman and Shri Rajesh Shukla - Advisory Borad Member

The prominent participants from TDF/ATA were: were: Mr Madhu K Reddy - TDF-USA President, Viplav Reddy - TDF Secretary, Mrs Jamuna Puskur, Mr Ravi Dhannapuneni, Mr. Murali Chintalapani, Mr Sudhakar Perkari, Dr Gopal Reddy Gade, Sharat Vemula and Vishveshwar Kalavala - TDF Board members, Mr Arjun Dyapa - ATA and Indrasena Reddy Tudi

Shri Bandaru Dattatreya requested TDF-USA to support BJP and NDA for creating a conducive atmosphere to bring BJP government at center under the dynamic leadership of Sri L. K. Advani as PM. UPA govt has failed miserably in all fronts and it is now in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and may collapse at any time. The constituent parties in UPA are leaving the UPA fearing that the anti-people policies of Congress affects them. They are wary of loosing the faith of people. In coming elections, BJP identified five major issues: 1. fighting against terrorism 2. Farmers problems 3. Vote bank politics 4. Formation of telangana and 5. Rising prices. He requested NRIs to come forward and help BJP by all means

Shri N. Indrasena Reddy explained how UPA cheated the people, hiked of prices indiscriminately, appeased of minorities. He also explained the govt showed lukewarm attitude towards extremist activities, repeated bomb blasts in Hyderabad and other places. UPA govt is not taking any constructive approach to curb such activities. Congress lost state assembly elections in 12 out of 15 states where the elections were held since 2004. It is a sign of loss of public faith for UPA/Congress govt. Even Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and priyanka could not help Congress gain victory in any election. Congress leaders are engaged in wooing minorities and creating unethical 'vote banks' in spite of intervention of courts. People are waiting to teach a lesson to Congress in the next election. Other speakers explained about the current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh

In response, the organizers of TDF and OFBJP assured the BJP delegation to extend all their support. TDF also urged BJP AP unit to lead in uniting all pro-Telangana parties and contest in forth coming elections against Congress and Telugu Desam. TDF and ATA leaders said that Congress betrayed the Telangana issue and so, the congress party should be defeated in next elections.

Shri Dr. T. Rajeshwar Rao, Shri Vannala Sreeramulu, Smt. Vanam Jhansirani, and Shri Ram Kumar also spoke on the occasion. Smt Jhansirani talked about women reservation within BJP among other things. Shri R.P. Singh talked about the prospects of forming BJP government soon. Shri Krishna Reddy emphasized the need for BJP government to tackle issues like terrorism, rising prices, economy, religion based reservation etc. Shri Rajesh Shukla, Shri Madhu Reddy, Shri Viplav Reddy, Shri Arjun Reddy and others spoke at the meeting. The BJP leaders have assured that there is no question of going back on Telangana since the decision is already taken at national level. Shri Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, National Council Member of OFBJP chaired the meeting. Dr. Indrasena Reddy Tudi moderated the proceedings.

Mr. Vedire Venkat Reddy, champion of Telangana irrigation projects, Gujjula Narsiah, Prof Ramesh Reddy, Dean, Engineering faculty, OU have participated in the discussions.

Shri Adapa Prasad and Shri Krishna Reddy presented mementos to Shri Bandaru Dattatreya While Shri Indrasena Reddy was presented with memento by Shri R.P.Singh and Shri Satyanarayana Murty Adapa. Shri Ram Kamath gave vote of thanks followed by the rendition of India and US national anthems by children.

The effort of the main organizers Dr.Adapa V. Prasad, Shri Ramkrishna Reddy Anugula and Shri Indrasena Reddy Tudi was much appreciated by the attendees.