Head Quarters:Sangareddy                                                                                      Area: 9,699 sq.km  

The  Medak district is surrounded by  Nizamabad district in the  North , Hyderabad district in the South, Warangal and Nalgonda districts in the East and  Karnataka state boundaries in the west directions respectively. Medak was the headquarters of this district in the beginning. But in due course Sangareddy became the headquarters but the district name continued. It was called ‘Metuku durgam’ in the past. It is because rice is the abundant crop here. It was in the Kakatiya Empire once upon a time. Devagiri yadavas, Hoyasalas of Dwara Samudram gained upper hand over this area and after their fall this went into the hands of Kakatiyas.

It  was under the rule of Satavahana, VishnuKumdin, Western Chalukya, Rastakuta, Yadhava, Kakathiya, Qutub Shahi and Nizam kings. History reveals the contacts with Romans too.

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Qutub Shahis


Rivers in the District: Manjeera, Valdhi, Gudleruvagu and Kadaleru.

Tourist Attraction: Medak Church, Manjira wildlife Sanctuary, Kondapur Archeological Museum, Medak fort and Pocharam Sanctuary, Zarasangam and Alladurg temples.

Handicrafts: Ramayampet brass,Silver and Wooden wares  and Siddipet Bathic Paintings.

How to reach : Sangareddy, the headquarter of Medak district and is about 28 kms from Medak and 70 kms from Hyderabad. It is well connected by road. Nearest airport is Hyderabad airport, which is well connected with major domestic and international airports.